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We are playing world of warcraft among other video games such as MineCraft, StarCraft 2, and sometimes Diablo 3, as we chase the proverbial carrot on a stick and give our opinions on game patches and expansions. As most of us already know there are some features to patches and expansions that we love and others that we hate
In World Of Warcaft we are exploring old quests, dungeons and raids collecting pets, finishing achievements and going back for transmog gear and offering some tips and tricks on getting various items. Legion quests, collectibles and achievement guides will be made available when Blizzards' WOW Legion Expansion launches on 8/30/16 check our WOW page Here
StarCraft 2: is an ongoing challenging real time strategy game I have had my fair share of trying to micro manage resource collection wile fending off early attacks on my base, check out my strategies and rants on our StarCraft 2 page Here
MineCraft: ahh the pleasure of building bases and Redstone contraptions, gathering materials and blocks of all kinds wile always trying to make a new build better than the last one in an endless search for for the best build sites to create a glorious epic build check out our MineCraft page Here
Diablo 3: The game title says it all, who doesn't like endless difficulty levels to pursue wile collecting gear that is going to be obsolete the next time you play? check out our Diablo 3 video game rants here